Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Coming!

Last night on Dancing With the Stars (don't judge me!) Travis, Danny, Jaime, and Nick made an appearance that was amazing!

I'm looking forward to the new SYTYCD season in May! Has anyone else heard about the new show format of contestants being paired up with previous seasons' favorites? I'm not so sure about this. . .

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I can't believe I thought I was speechless yesterday. Wow. Russell? Really? I can't believe that Jakob didn't win.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I don't know what to say. It's like my beloved show has become a Stepford Wife. Right now I believe that Dancing With the Stars has more integrity than SYTYCD. Dang. My thoughts as they happened:
Cat is wearing a toga and Shankman thinks she looks hot. I think I've seen her wear a toga at least two other times this season. But at least her hair looks normal. There are no video packages for the contestants and they are cramming nine dances into one hour. Where are the solos? Why are there six contestants in the finale? Why isn't everyone dancing with everyone, like they've done every season until now?
Kathryn and Ryan are dancing a samba. It's okay, but I think that Ryan's lack of shirt is annoying, and it's distracting me that he's not wearing shoes. The judges spend more time talking than Kathryn and Ryan spent dancing. Maybe this show should be retitled "So You Think You Can Be a Pompous Old Windbag"?
Ellenore and Jakob are on with a Tyce number. I think Tyce feels threatened by all of the attention showered on Joey Dowling for her Fossey-esque style. So Tyce does a number from Fossey with all of those elements thrown in. Ellenore looks a bit out of control at times with her crazy kicks.
Ashleigh and Russell are next with lyrical jazz. I rewind to make sure I heard it right that it's a Sonya number. Really? I am left a little sad, because Sonya's pieces are usually dark and quirky, just the way I like them. This piece seems a bit. . . generic. Sigh.
Ellenore (wait -- didn't she JUST dance??) and Ryan are up with a jazz number. It's pretty cool. Ellenore truly shines! Ryan seems woefully outmatched, and not at all flexible. Can he not kick above his waist?
Ashleigh and Jakob are foxtrotting (that's two ballroom numbers out of nine -- how many more are we going to see?). I go to the kitchen to wash dishes while they dance.
My question about the ballroom numbers is answered when Russell and Ellenore start dancing their Paso. I am concerned that we are 35 minutes into the show and Ellenore is already done performing. Nigel you are SHAMELESS.
Jakob and Kathryn (where has she been for the last 30 minutes??) stay almost entirely airborne for their contemporary number. I think they are immune to gravity. Very nice.
Ryan and Ashleigh are dancing a Travis Wall piece (Nice. This couldn't be more of an obvious set-up! Argh!). It seems very basic and easy. It's sweet to see their tenderness. The judges have nothing to say about the dancing (but is that really a surprise?).
We end the night with a NappyTab yawn-fest. From the beginning where they turn in that awkward circle, I am left cold.
And that's it. What do I say to this? My bullets:
  • How is it that Ellenore was totally set up for failure?
  • Where are the solos? Where are the memorable routines? I am still in awe of Jeanine's solo from last season's finale!
  • Doesn't Cat always do a final interview with the contestants?
  • Why was there no group routine?
  • Why didn't the boys dance together? Or the girls? Does no one remember Benji and Travis' routine? Danny and Niel?
Argh!! I am so frustrated!!! Please tell me I'm not the only one!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nigel is Evil!

And pervy! And ruining my favorite show! Argh!

I must settle down before continuing, so I'll write more later. For now, discuss how annoying Nigel is!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So You Think You Can ZZZZZZZ. . . .

Wowsers, last night was a snoozefest! The only dances worth my attention were the Broadway (thank goodness it was NOT choreographed by Tyce!), Afrojazz and Jazz. Other than that I was bored.
Here are my picks for couples in danger:
  1. Eleanor and Ryan. Their Krump -- excuse me, I mean their journey of timing, swagger and synergy -- stank it up. And not in the good stanky way. It was just stinky. I'm sad about Eleanor being in the bottom three because she has some good personality. On the other hand, I am not sad about Ryan being in the bottom three.
  2. Mollee and Nathan. Their Salsa was more like a watery pico de gallo with lots of mistakes. And I am just not loving Nathan -- something about the way he is dancing is very disappointing to me. Meanwhile, Mollee is becoming a favorite of mine despite last night's performance.
  3. Peter and Pauline. I am so bitter that they keep the quickstep around year after year! It's the kiss of death and they should let it go already!
Who is going home? Sadly, I think it will be Eleanor and Peter.
The bullets:
  • I think that Cat is also one of the V's -- did anyone else hate her cuckoo updo and that weird snakeskin dress? Yikes!
  • Nigel is a tool. Why does he ALWAYS talk about the choreographer and not the dancers? He is driving me absolutely nuts! Between him and Mary at mach 10 crazy I was ready to pull out my hair last night!
  • My BFF Adam tells it like it is!
  • Legacy -- how are you transforming before my eyes? Were you always so great and editing just made you seem horrible?
  • Did anyone see Donny Osmond in his 80's outfit on Dancing With the Stars? So scary!
  • How was I fooled into liking and Ryan and not Ashleigh? Ashleigh is by far the superior dancer. Anyone else recognize the BYU bell tower in the background of her graduation picture?
  • Please don't let Mary dance at the Dizzy Feet gala! I always feel like I need to call the police when I see her dancing with Dmitry. Gross!
What are your takes? Who's going home tonight?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A New Legacy!

Last night V premiered on ABC and I am convinced that Nigel is the Supreme Leader of the Vs. He's got to be an evil reptilian alien, bent on ruining the world (or at least SYTYCD!)! This week Nigel's evil plot continues, as he is the one making the "decision" (order!) on who is cut. Curses!
First up is a tennis hip-hop with Russell and Noelle. I'm glad to see that Noelle is back, but I was worried about her knee the whole time. And then I started to really worry because this didn't look good at all. Yikes. The tennis thing was a good idea, but didn't have great results. Adam Shankman, my new best friend, was right on in his comments.
Next is the wedding dance with Ashleigh and Jakob and I really want to hate it. But I don't. This is the BEST waltz I've seen on the show. I agree with Adam (my BFF) that it was a bit lifty, but other than that it was great. And I'm not hating Ashleigh as much anymore.
Bianca and Victor are next with a really really bad Braodway by Tyce (my other arch-nemesis). It felt empty and boring to me. I don't know how much of this is them and how much is Tyce. I think both are to blame. It was just uncomfortable to watch. Again my BFF Adam is spot on in his comments.
At this point in the show I am feeling deflated. Maybe Mollee and Nathan will cheer me up with a Bollywood number? It's great, but I'm not loving it. Or Nathan. I keep thinking about how awesome Joshua and Katee were. Sigh.
After Channing and Philip's disastrous samba, I am considering turning off the show for the night. What happened to the fantastic season six?? Where has all the good dancing gone?
Karen and Kevin start the redemption with their NappyTab hip-hop number, but I'm still not feeling it.
And then this happens:

Wow. I was stunned. And all of a sudden I REALLY love Legacy. Wow. Amazing.
I feel totally sorry for Pauline and Peter who have to follow with another "conception" by Amanda and Wade Robson. This one is pretty cool, but not as cool as the routine I just saw.
Finally it's time for an Argentine Tango and I am super-stressed ten seconds into the routine when I see Eleanor has a foot caught in her dress! Ack! And then she does that wonderful kick and frees herself! Amazing! I loved this routine. Kudos!
It's easy to see who is going home and I'm not feeling that bummed. Just mad that Nigel acts upset about it, when really he's planned this all along on his home planet. Grrr.
Here are my final bullets:
  • I can't believe that horizontal jump and lift with Legacy and Kathryn. I'm still stunned by the routine.
  • Shankman is totally falling in love with Karen, and it's cracking me up.
  • Nigel is evil.
  • Why is the waltz still one of the dances?
  • I hate the new stage!!
  • Mary has intelligent things to say. Yowza.
  • I love Stacey Tookey.
  • Sweaty Ashleigh and Jakob = gross.
What did you think of the top 18? Next week we can vote! Who are you voting for?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thank Goodness for Tivo!!

How much do I love my Tivo?! It recorded a Meet the Top 20 SYTYCD special last night, just for me! Hurrah!! I am SO glad my sweet Tivo knew about it! Talk about an awesome night! Let's briefly forget about the disaster that Cat is wearing (ack!), how much I dislike Nigel (ick!), how long ago this episode was filmed (grr!), and how I'm missing Mia already (argh!). Let's focus on the dancers!
First up it's a Wade and Amanda Robson concept, choreographed by Wade (what does that mean??). Does conceiving the dance consist of texting on camera? Because that's all I saw Amanda doing. That aside, the routine is off the hook! I am totally drawn to a few of the dancers, most notably Billy Bell (argh! Why did he have to get sick?!) and Nathan (but that's just 'cause he was front and center, I think).
Next up, the hip hoppers and I'm . . . just sort of impressed. I really really LOVE Russel (the krumper), but I'm still not feeling Legacy and I don't even know who that other guy is. NappyTabs' style of hip-hop is a little too much of the 'burbs for me (and you know I've got some serious street cred!).
Contemporary with Tyce is next. I hate Tyce, but despite that I like the routine. There is a great jump in the middle and I'm hooked. Bravo.
Now we're on to my beloved Sonya, who cracks me UP! She definitely does NOT know how to be sexy, but thankfully is able to teach it to the jazz girls. Kudos to the girls, too, for rocking out the jazz routine. Sometimes Ellenore seems a bit off to me, but overall a nice routine, and I loved the jazz hands.
The tappers are INSANE and I am bitter against Nigel for setting them up to be eliminated early on. Why can't they teach other dancers tap? They've had Bollywood, two-step (shudder!), krump, and classical ballet on the show and expected the dancers to pick it up. I don't think it would be more disastrous than having a hip hopper try to waltz. Curse you, Nigel!
I am anticipating a nice 80's routine from Mandy Moore and she knocks me for a loop with a current song! Who introduced you to our decade, Ms. Moore?! As I mentioned earlier, I am totally infatuated with Billy Bell (sobs!) and so am drawn to him for most of the routine. His moves are insane and I am SO bummed that he's not going to be in this season. And why did they replace him with a hip-hop dancer? Why not my Mr. Checker-Pants? I think we should have a viewer selection season, where we can vote in all of our favorites from past seasons who didn't win (Natalee, Billy, Mr. Checker-Pants will be some of my favorites).
Finally we end the night with a samba. I am not a fan of the Di Lellos, but this routine was nice! Ryan seemed a bit out of control a couple of times, but maybe because he was twirling two girls around like a madman! Nice way to end the evening.
Here are my final bullets:
  • What do we think of the new stage? I'm missing the staircases already.
  • Paula Abdul guest judging?
  • Adam Shankman as the new permanent judge?
  • Mia Michaels' exit?
  • Billy Bell's exit (sobs!)?
  • Are the judges eliminating a couple without letting us vote at all? Is that they way it's always been done?
  • What was up with Cat's dress? Yikes.